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Book Layout Adaptation. Text Translation. iBook adaptation layout. Printed & eBook formatting. Graphic Design.

Converting Books, Brochures, Catalogs, Advertisements, Reports or Documents of any kind from

English to Spanish is more than just doing a simple translation, specially when you want your design and layout to look just as good as when it was designed based on an English text content.

For that reason you need an expert hand that knows both languages:

English/Spanish (Translation) and Design/Text Formatting (Page Layout).

How it works - What we need

We specialize in bilingual document layout adaptation.
Whether you already have your text translated from English to Spanish and only need to adapt the layout, or if you need both translation and layout, we know we can help you.
We’ll adapt your original layout design to fit in the usually longer Spanish text, laying down text, graphics and images in such a way that will correspond to the content’s message.


Tell us about your project. Let us know the final format you need for your document (print or electronic), the turn around time and any additional information.


Send us a copy of the original document layout (Adobe InDesign, PDF or any other format.)


Send us your text content in a word document (in Spanish or in English if it hasn’t been translated.)

We’ll get back to you with a quote and a sample page of how the adapted text will be.

What we do:

Adapting a text to a different language is much more than copy and paste the new translated text.
It is adapting both text and graphics to fit the design and maintain the spirit of the original content.


Translation of text from English to Spanish.


Apply new Spanish translated text to the document, adapting and modifying the layout, keeping text styles and moving around blocks of text or graphics wherever needed.


Modify translation when needed to better fit the layout keeping the best possible translation to the original content.


Give you a document in the same format than the original for the intended distribution method, for print (InDesign, Illustrator, PDF, etc.) or electronic display (PowerPoint, Keynote, iBooks, ePub, etc.).


For Books we can adapt your printed book to electronic format (ePub, mobi or Apple iBooks)

General Pricelist

This pricelist is intended to give you an idea of the basic typical cost of our services. Once we have specific information about your project we’ll review it and give you a specific quote. For printed book adaptation there is a minimum of $200 and for eBook of $250.
Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.

Translation: starts at $0.10 per word based on source text.

Basic Text: starts at $2.00 per page. This is for simple text based layout.

Page Layout: starts at $5.00 per page. Layouts that have designs more complex than simple text and combine illustrations, graphics, charts, columns, etc.

iBooks Layout: starts at $300 for an illustrated book of up to 25 pages. It is ideal for illustrated or educational books that include beautiful graphics and special interactive elements.

Ebook formatting: starts at $250 based on a manuscript of a maximum of 200 pages.

Cover Design: starts at $200. It depends in the complexity of graphics needed for the cover.

Logo Design: starts at $180.

Contact us

Tell us about your project, we’ll be happy to help you with it.

You can write to us directly at and send us your files or you can fill out the form bellow.

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