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Layout • Adaptation • Design

Make your book designed and related material look professional and consistent, so it will attract the interest of readers.

General Pricing

This pricelist is intended to give you an idea of the basic typical cost of our services. Once we have specific information about your project we’ll review it and give you a specific quote. For printed book adaptation there is a minimum of $250 and for eBook of $300, print and ebook $350.
Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.

Translation:     starts at $0.10 per word based on source text.

Print and Ebook:

Plain Text Fiction:     starting at $350

Non-Fiction:     starting at $400

Picture and Cookbooks:     starting at $450

Educational Textbook:     starting at $450

Children’s:     starting at $400

iBooks Layout:     starts at $400 for an illustrated book of up to 25 pages. It is ideal for illustrated or educational books that include beautiful graphics and special interactive elements.

Ebook only formatting:     starts at $300 based on a manuscript of a maximum of 200 pages.

Cover Design:     starts at $450. It depends in the complexity of graphics needed for the cover.

Logo Design:     starts at $250.

Tell us about your project, we’ll be happy to help you with it.

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Design Services
for Authors

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Get all the design pieces together for your next book.

We specialize in Graphic Design Services for Authors and Writers.
Our services include:

Book layout and interior formatting for fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, picture books, graphic novels, etc., for print; book cover design for print and ebook; website design for authors; formatting and adaptation of layout on any type eBook formats, epub, mobi, pdf, and creation of interactive books; complementary marketing materials like bookmarks, business cards and logos; and adaptation of book layout from English to Spanish.

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Page Layout - Interior Formatting

A well-formatted book makes the process of reading flow in a way that is effortless and enjoyable. The format or layout or a book should be clean and conveyed the spirit and style of its content.
We’ll make your manuscript look professional, well organized and clean. We take careful consideration of key elements of the book such as the title page, chapter headers, typefaces, running headers & footers, image placement, page numbers, line spacing, appropriate indentations, text alignment and justification, table of contents, annotations, etc.

Ebook Formating and Adaptation

Just as a printed book an ebook has to follow the principles of good book layout, but more than plugging the same text into the different publishing platforms, an ebook has to adhere to programing standards that will make it compatible with portable devices, ebook readers, tablets, smartphones and computers and still have the same level of readability od its printed sibling. We’ll make your ebook look readable and professional, making sure all elements display appropriately. We’ll follow all formatting standards required by the epub and Mobi formats required by platform vendors such as Apple, Google, Kobo, and of course Amazon.

Cover Design

People DO judge books by their covers. The cover is the first impression a reader has from a book and it is specially important for a self-published title. Self-published books tend to stand out because they unknowingly ignore many principles on book cover design which make them look amateurish and unprofessional. We’ll help you make a cover that looks good, professional, conveys the content and spirit of your writing and puts you at the same level with any other published book found of the shelves of any bookstore.



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Web Design for Author

Types of Book Formatting


Plain Text: Usually it is Fiction. It contains only text, and standard book layout.


Layout with Text and Graphics: More common for Nonfiction fiction, cooking or educational titles

Illustrated: Children’s book or graphic novels.

Types of Ebook Formatting


Reflowable: based on the printed format the book adapts to different devices and the size and font of the text can be adjusted. Amazon Kindle uses the Mobi format, while other versions use the ePub standard.


Fixed format for Kindle: Used for Illustrated, textbook, graphic novels, or any book that wants to preserve the same look as its printed edition. It allows for some interactive elements, but it doesn't adapt to the size or shape or the device where it is viewed.


Adjustable tablet formatting for Apple's iBooks: we’ll properly adapt a book that includes text, images and graphics to this format which is more adaptable and created especially for the size, shape, and screen proportions of the iPad. This format is especially good for adapting educational, instructive or informational titles, coffee table, and cookbooks. Landscape and horizontal viewing change and adapt the format of the book.


PDF Fixed format: this format replicated the printed book as it is and can include some interactivity. It is not intended to be sold through ebook stores, but directly from the author's website. It is more commonly viewed on the computer, but almost any device can open it.


Interactive Book Apps: Some books, especially children’s deserve to go beyond the original text and images and expand into audio, animation and interactivity. These interactive books can be viewed on portable devices or computer, but are better enjoyed on a tablet or big-screen phone. Interactive children’s books enhanced the reading experience and add the ability to read along with add audio to create an interactive reading that can help the child in the process of learning to read.


Comic Book: These ebooks keep the same appearance and layout of a printed edition, but with the added interaction of panel by panel navigation, where every panel of a page is zoomed to full display and it slides to the next fully zoomed panel.

Types of Book Cover


Basic standard cover: a cover that is more conceptual than realistic. It will try to convey the spitit and concept of the book in a clean and understandable visual presentation that includes clear an adequate typography.


Deluxe, Illustrated or photographic cover: this type of cover is more common for Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance novels and requires of highly detailed illustrations or require custom photoshoots. They are high impact and target a more specific audience.

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Just as the cover is the first impression of a book, a website is the main window of communication of an author and its readers. For a self-published or new author it is especially important to have a website that looks professional and clearly communicates its message and reflects the spirit of its books. We’ll help create a website, that just like the cover of your books, gives a great impression of you and your work.


Type of websites:


Wix website: We use Wix which is a visual platform that allows us for a rapid visual development making the building process much faster than traditional methods and also makes it easier for the author to edit afterward.


Webflow: Similar to Wix, this is a visual platform that allows for rapid development and has some more advanced features that may be needed when the website has a lot of content and multiple pages.


Wordpress: This is the platform used by most websites out there. It allows for very complex websites and there are few limits to expanding it. It can be also moved to practically any website hosting.